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A company who designs fantastic playhouses climbing frames, treehouses and playgrounds at affordable prices. 

From the beginning...

Enchanted Creations was formed in 2002 as a lifestyle business, Brad & Lisa wanted change from rigid manufacture techniques and wanted to use the creativity bursting out of them. Brads affinity to wood and manufacture and Lisa's creative style was a great mix to give the playhouse industry something more than a make-shift shed as a kids hut. They desired more ad hoc and irregularity to designs as one may see in cartoons which captures the imagination of children and bring less structured or regimented child play. In turn developing the creative and imaginative fields in a childs development, something that should bring a unique individualism lost in so many clones today.

It was not long until the realism of lifestyle dream was to become 'business style', where industrial premises was being
employed with a couple of extra hands too. But always maintaining the lustre & passion for every playhouse made. 
"It may be a business, but when it comes to the artistic side, these dream houses just have to be right, if i need to change something because I'm not happy, then that's what I'll do, I have to love the house if i am to put it in someones garden."
So their motto of 'the dream comes first' will always be core to the business ethics. Maybe it's a business that hasn't divorced the lifestyle element, nor will it!

Now the business has been recognised all over the world with enquiries coming from all quarters, houses shipped to many countries. Manufacturing  from a 1/2 acre building with a team of skill craftmen who also get much satisfaction from making structures with unconventional techniques.
We extended the operations to include the manufacture of large playground equipment, outbuildings and theme park shooting galleries.
2012, 2013 and 2014 have been our best years, growing year on year. We have  opened our first show rooms at Redfield Garden Centre, Fleet during 2014 and have opened another in Feb 2015 in Trentham Garden Centre, Nr Stoke with another two in opening in Hants and Jersey in April 2015. -  'That will put our designs on the map' and will include a new climbing frame/ playset range in Robinia wood taking mediocre sets currently on the market to a quality and crafted level.

It is hard to find any company that will make anything especially if not from a structured process. Well Enchanted Creations do anything that quite simply is challenging, never tested or tried before, stretching the bounds. 
It's planned to have over a dozen more show sites coming over the year. 

The referendum and vote to leave the EU significantly impacted the luxury goods market to such an extent that the manufacturing element had to go, new markets were found, and a 18 month period of hardship whilst a new structure was born, new stronger management with the manufacturing and the design element run independently. The designs skills retained allowing for the continuation of fantastic designs made by a new enthusiastic team.

"The tears of joy I have seen coming from kids when they see the surprise when they get back home makes the back breaking worth it. A rush of WOW  goes through you, it's a drug hit that only hard work can achieve."

To be in the luxury playhouse business is not just a job, it's a devotion, a passion which gives huge rewards to the soul rather than the wallet!
Call us now on 01844 343106 or mail us on sales@enchantedcreations.co.uk
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