Enchanted Creations

Amazing wooden whimsical Classrooms, Childrens Playhouses, Tree houses, Towers and Playgrounds from Enchanted Creations. Bespoke designed  in Buckinghamshire. Some of the most original designs with a hint of luxury crafted into some of our custom built houses. With a new tower tree house to add to the exciting range of tree houses with a range of colours and design options.

From a simple climbing frame to a large play house with slide, swing and trampoline.
Tree houses where we bring the tree to you so you don't need to live in a forest to have and Enchanted Whimsical Treehouse.

Every play house  and classroom is bespoke made to give our clients unique styles from a traditional Tudor beam and rendered house to a Whimsical treehouse. We have many examples of our houses , throughout the site to give you inspiration towards your design. We specialise in bespoke playhouses  treehouses, crooked playhouses, sheds & school and park playgrounds. We are just launching a climbing frame range too.

Specialised bespoke designers, manufactures and installers of fantastic outdoor structures, play equipm
ent. Playhouses,  Treehouses and Playgrounds

for domestic clients, schools, theme parks, councils all
take time to make, so it's worth planning ahead to ensure you get your Enchanted Creation. 
Enchanted Creations knows great design, quality and service is the only way.
No limit to the design options, a service so helpful to develop your play area.

Enchanted Creations bring a unique magical dimension to children's play...

Quote "I'd have thought your houses would cost more, great price."

Quote "The house are very affordable, they may look fantastic, doesn't mean they are expensive..."

 Quote "Thank you, a fantastic service from beginning to end"

Quote "I got a house from you because your designs are unique, fun and not a painted playhouse come shed."

Quote "That's the best thing you ever got dad"

You don't need a tree in your garden or
recreation area, we bring it to you!
We fell the tree, bore it out, cut a door way into the trunk so you can enter the club house above by walking into the tree trunk, up a ladder and through a hatch in the crooked house above!

We bring the tree to you so you don't have to live in a forest to have something like this!!!!

Hand made by Enchanted Creations in Buckinghamshire, we are not resellers, we design and manufacture all our creations...
Enchanted Creations, the only company in Europe to make these style playhouses and treehouses... Garden Art....

Show Area Now open at....
Redfields Garden Centre GU528UB and 
Trentham Garden Centre, Trentham ST4 8JB
 St Peters Garden Centre, Jersey 
Duke of Wellington Estate in Hants 

Enchanted Creations bespoke playhouses are now available to see at  Redfeilds Garden centre near Fleet in Surrey GU528UB, Trentahm Garden Centre in Staffs ST48JG and 2 more locations in the next month. The houses on display are something a little special, definately unique to anything you'd see in other Garden Centres. They are a taste of what is possible in Bespoke design with each house finished inside and out using a range of aging techniques and typical cartoon artistry.
There are no sales reps on site, it is a place you can take the kids, have a spot of lunch in the delightful restaurant on site and if you would like to call on our design and manufacturing ability, drop us a quick email. All the models on site are designed and made by the Enchanted team.

Many Options
We can expand the playhouse to include
exciting play features such slides, swings, ladders, zip wires,
climbing walls,
nets and sliding poles. We design your playhouse to make the play features in perfect keeping. We hope you enjoy our website, why not look at the services we offer or get in touch.

Business relationships

We offer a unique service to business partners, where we can give technical support, design, manufacture, deliver and assemble - a real service. From a one off to volume runs, this giving a real edge to sales companies who want to offer more than the mass produced playhouses seen on so many web sites. We are about detail, real joinery with unlimited design options. Please call for details...

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