Wooden Playground Equipment

Welcome to Enchanted Creations, the Independent Design & Manufacturer of Unique Wooden bespoke Playground Equipment in the UK for schools nursery pubs and parks. The wow is in the design... With speciality in themed and forest tree house style play designs which blend into the environment. Designed with a degree of challenge. The latest four school projects will be uploaded shortly.... An example of other commercial playgrounds below.

Bowling Alley Slide at the Statoil Gallery, London Science Museum

Enchanted Village in Stoke

What we do for you is to look at the facility, understand the likes, wants and budgets and design something unique for you. We do not use a catalogue of German or Far Eastern parts to make up a playground. We tailor it for you where there are no limits...

Enchanted Villages

We offer a complete package, we have the in-house skills for all the challenges ahead. We have the design house to create something special.

Themed Play areas

I was going to email today to offer sincere thanks....what a team you have as you said 'A Happy Team'. What you have created is on another level looking forward to reaction of staff this morning and phases 2. Payment will be with you before lunch. Keep in touch 
Mrs Rachel Beckett
Principal - Sandon Primary Acadamy
Ofsted - Additional Inspector

Infant and Tots play areas

Hi Brad

Apologies I didn’t get back to you before, had a very busy day, and didn’t pick up you e-mail until this morning.    The garden looks AMAZING!!  We are so happy with it.  It’s even lovelier than we thought it would be.  The team were great, even making a little sign for the garden before they left.  Please send our thanks again to them, they did a fabulous job!   We can’t thank you enough for making our boring concrete space into such an exciting play area for our children.  And thank you so much for incorporating all the little extras, like the pump for the stream, which make it all the more special.

Please do pop over and see the garden.  We are open every day between 8.00am and 6.00pm, although we do take the children out on trips, so we aren’t always about.  Just give us a call before you are coming to make sure that we are there.  

Thanks so much again.


An SME with Passion, a team who wants to make the difference. A place where every day is different and the little extra is never too much. That is Enchanted Creations...

Out door classrooms

We will not flood you with every possibility, we know you are busy, we will work out the optimal design and facility and propose that. No one is on commission here, which means no pressure sales on you either! Just good advice from years of experience.

Zoo Installation Isle of Mann

Members of RoSPA, Insured to £10M, installs inspected by RoSPA, the guys CRB good, myriads of commendations. Your Safe with Enchanted...

 Wildlife Park Installation

The process is simple, drop us a line, we'll come over to understand what's what, measure up etc. We then CAD design your play area, make adjustments if required, confirm the commercials and get making! During the breaks we install or during term if preferred, RoSPA inspect. = Happy, smiley kids!

Robbinson House

A street of houses

Eco Playground
Crooked Grotto
Welsh School 
Hobbit House
Swansea Community Farm
Crooked Playground
Henley Oak Playground

 School castle
Inside the log castle.

Forest Playground
Playground, Buckinghamshire  
Crooked Treehouse
Chiswick London Play Area

Tree house with slides

Tudor Playhouse
Cambridge School

Overseas play area
Latest Project, three treehouses with accessories,
an hobbit hole with enchanted garden and swing.
A Pirate theme school play area
with barrels, coffin & chest steps
wobble, rope and offset bridges,
a crooked pirate dock house + more.

A Themed area with Snow White, Three Bears,
Three Pigs and a hobbit House all tailored inside
and out with carved furniture and beam and
rendered surfaces.

Enchanted do not make conventional sterile play structures, we design with the environment in mind, with a crooked tree houses, designed to be more fun pushing the limits. 'Built with passion', 'a well thought out play structure' - quote RoSPA.
Enchanted Creations make the most exciting and unique play grounds in the UK
Every structure different, every detail engineered. We even bring the trees to you! 

We Hand Build Wooden Climbing Frames, Scramble Nets, Treehouses, Swings, Slides, Monkeybars, Wobbly Bridges, Forts, Pergolas, Decks, Hammocks, Planters, Benches, and Platforms for Public and Private Houses using Treated Pine and Green Oak from Sustainable Sources (FSC). Enchanted Creations Play is your one-stop source for Playgrounds, Safety Flooring, Village Green Projects and Back Garden Lounge Furniture. All designs are built to order on site and are designed to meet or exceed both British and European standards for play equipment. 
Every structure for Schools and Public Playgrounds is inspected by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (R.O.S.P.A.)  
Rustic Real Log Bridge

Real Log Walk
Tree platform
Stainless Steel Slide
Cedar shingle roof - unique designs by Enchanted
Three linked tree houses
Wobbly Bridge with Stainless Steel Chain link
Hobbit Hole  & double width slide mound
Log walk
Climbing wall with special custom holds.
Climbing Net
Burma rope bridge

Log ramp
Back view of towers
Large Birds Nest swing 
Monkey bars
 Firemans Pole
Log Climb
Cutting the tree....
 We'll make anything, a tractor at Maggie Rose of Chiswick