Why Us

So just why should you buy a Enchanted Playhouse and treehouse and not any other playhouse and tree house? Well, even though you may purchase a cheaper play system that seems similar in most aspects, the competition cannot compete with the quality of our product range. When it comes to real tree houses Enchanted Creations are the only company in the UK and Europe that manufactures them. Here is just a brief list of ten reasons why you should choose an Enchanted Creations play system above a cheaper inferior product. 

Our playhouse are surprisingly affordable, fantastic quality and we have a very personal service with all our clients....

1 Loads of happy, giggling kids.

Over five hundred sticky-faced, carefree kids are having the times of their lives on their own Enchanted play den.

2 LOTS of choices!.

All our Enchanted Creations playhouses and treehouses are unique in the UK, we're the only that make's them here so you can enjoy the product in the knowldge that your next door will not have the same. 

3 Professional installation.

You don’t need to dig out your tools or worry about deciphering instructions; Enchanted’s trained installers will take care of it for you.

4 Fun, active exercise is much better than watching TV.

Fresh air and countless hours of fun await your kids in far-away tree houses, club houses and playhouses. Now isn’t that better than plopping in front of the TV or computer screen?

5 Fits any budget.

We are a small company without huge overhead so we can produce an affordable and quality playhouse that you can have thousands of hours of fun, outdoor activity. Do-it-yourselfers may want to check out our Box Kit series for an option that is competitively priced with toy store play house sets.

6 E-X-P-A-N-D-A-B-L-E for years of family fun.

Your Enchanted Club house and Tree house series can expand as your family grows. Our playsets are adaptable, which means you can add more fun accessories as your children’s interests and capabilities change. For example, you may start with our club house and eventually move up to the tree houses with slides, cargo nets, rings and overhead monkey bars.

7 Sturdy and safe.

Chemical-free woods, the highest quality materials and extra attention to safety features is what makes Enchanted the brand you can trust when it comes to safe wooden swing sets.

8 There’s magic in every Enchanted Playhouse.

When kids have castles, forts and clubhouses right out the back door, they’re never far from the magical land of make-believe. Open up a world of possibilities and watch their imaginations soar.

9 Only Us.

Enchanted Creations is the only company in the UK who makes treehouses from a real tree! Bored out so children can go into and up the tree to gain access to clubhouse above.

10 Your children deserve the best!

Enchanted play Systems sells the highest quality, safe, residential wooden crooked houses and real crooked tree houses in the UK.