Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Enchanted Creations designs bespoke out door structures which are bespoke, completely unique designs or bespoke hybrid structures which are made to order by EPL and to client specification. We do not reproduce any product exactly the same and therefore your outdoor structures are different to any other structure that has been made.

Enchanted Creations expects the designs to be used for several years. However, all outdoor products require maintenance and regular inspection – timber is a natural product and over a period of time moves, swells, or contracts due to seasonal and temperature changes, in normal circumstances this does not effect its structural strength.

Sizes indicated on any quotation and on any plans produced by  Enchanted Creations are approximate and are for your guidance only, they may vary as construction takes place.
Where situated in a tree our products are designed to move as the tree moves and allow for the trees natural growth, where appropriate ’floating’ suspension joints are incorporated. Our commitment to quality covers workmanship and material faults, but does not cover regular maintenance requirements or problems encountered when this maintenance is not carried out.

Every Spring and Autumn the structures should be thoroughly inspected and any items requiring attention should be corrected. Every two years the entire structure should be treated with a recognised timber preservative. 
Our structures are designed to withstand normal weather conditions including, wind, rain and snow. However, no responsibility what so ever is accepted to cover damage caused by abnormal conditions i.e. extremely high winds, gales or hurricanes and in no cases covers the situation whereby the tree or surrounding trees are damaged by these or subsequently cause damage to the structure.

When a structure is constructed on or around the tree, we do our best to seal the gap between the structure and the tree. As the tree moves however, a small amount of water may get through – in most cases a gap will be left between the structure and the tree so that the water can simply run down the tree to the ground.

Although  Enchanted Creations will strive to give best advice, all planning issues including, but not solely, Planning Permission and Tree Preservation Orders, are the full and complete responsibility of the client.

If the proposed Tree House, Tree Deck, Playhouse or other construction is within site of neighbours we always advise that you inform them of your intentions and if required show them the plans and drawings.

Any drawings, plans, elevations or illustrations relating to current or future quotations are owned by  Enchanted Creations and may not be reproduced or utilized for construction purposes by other parties and may not be passed on to a third party without the express permission of Enchanted Creations.

Enchanted Creations reserves the rights to use photographs taking during and after construction in marketing activity. We will not disclose clients name and address unless permission is given.

All products that are painted will have 2x paint coats standard in the design scope, where the client requires a greater number of coats then EPL may charge reasonable costs towards the additional work.

The area around and including the construction site can be a danger to children and adults. We earnestly request that such dangers are carefully explained and understood.  Enchanted Creations no responsibility for any accidents which may occur.

We implement a full Health and Safety Policy. As an important part of our safety procedures we set out a clearly identified ’Caution / Danger’ area around the site of construction.

All materials remain the property of  Enchanted Creations until full payment is made, these may be recovered in the case of a dispute.

EPL is a separate and independent company who manufactures most of the designs produced by ECL. Some references made regarding manufacturing is for information, EPL work to this standard.

There must be sufficient access for the delivery of parts and equipment to site, any reasonable access issues which delay or prevent build in a standard manner will be subject to a charge for labour and special equipment where required. These costs will be indicated to the client on a reactive basis. The client must indicate access issues at point of order.

Terms of Trading: Deposit of 10% on placing order where a guide completion date will be advised. An intermediate stage payment of 50% will be due two weeks before manufacture and the final 40% is to be paid at completion at works and no later than 14 day prior to despatch were the fixed fitting date will be agreed. Any extra costs that the client and  Enchanted Creations have agreed is due at satisfactory completion. Deposits may be returned if the client cancels within two weeks of the project start date. Cancellation notice must be by email sent to sales@enchantedcreations.co.uk or by recorded mail.

Payment: Payment by Bank transfer, Cheque or Cas , we do  offer a Debit/Credit Card service which has a 3% card charge added to the price Please all for all transfers notify us of any payment and please enter your unique reference number on all documents. We do not offer the credit card service for ship only orders, card purchased playhouses must be delivered and assembled at the cardholders address.