Tree houses Victorian Playhouses

Business Relationships
Enchanted Creations have various business relationships with retail and e-commerce organisations where we provide either a product supply or a turn key supply where we manufacture, deliver and build the products for your customers, please contact James at sales@enchantedcreations for more details. Some examples of the products supplied to other companies are below...



The Victorian playhouse comes in a range of paint colours and can include insulation, heating lighting and much more. They are made in three different sizes and start from £1200, we manufacture these to exacting standards and are excellent for your little ones.

The Segdwick is a real masterpiece at 12.5'w 10' d 12'h with beautifully crafted staircase going up to the second floor. It comes complete with a galleried area, cavity insulation, plastered and painted throughout with an option of floor coverings, lighting and even heating. This is a true all year round playhouse which would be the boast of any child. This enormous playhouse sells from £15000 ex works and is delivered in one, situated it your garden by crane. This product is available to worldwide customers and can be purchased from the CPC.
The Treehouse is made with a real oak trunk of not less than 40" bored out which gains access to the playhouse above. The product of heirloom quality is painted and aged to make the house that little better. The playhouse at 4' x 5' and stands an inch or so below  planning regs of 4 meters tall. The standard edition comes with felt shingles and not cedar tiles as shown. We manufacture and fit these which need concrete foundations.

The Crooked House which is made at 42'w 63'L 86h is complete enchantment and comes in a range of colours. The roof lines are crooked in  every direction to give that cartoon theme desired by so many. Our Crooked house can be made to any size, please ask for details.

The Treehouse multiplay is the ultimate in themed childrens playhouse. Based on the treehouse product above with raised platform enclosed/ tubular slide ladders, stairs, swing and can have a bundle of extras.