Hobbit House

Our new Hobbit Hole House playhouse built with a complete grassed covering, something that would fit into most landscapes making a subtle feature within any garden or park. The huge round door opens as one or can be split in a french door style. With optional windows and internal lining to make a fun hida-away amongst the ladscaped feature. Even a slide can be added over the crest to give the added element of childs play, the slide and stairs inset within the mound to prevent falling and to maintain great looks too.
 A fantastic Hobbit Hole Playhouse with a pair of huge round doors set onto large wooden hinges in the Enchanted Creations distressed wood style. The roof coated with GRP ready for the soil, watering system, grass and flowers to be planted. (Measures 2x3 mtr foot print, 2.6x3.6 shaddow print)
 The Centre Parcs Hobbit House, in a distressed style, made from our mould and formed in GRP. The detail of very old timbers with deep erroded grain sets this house off. Prepared for a grass roof to be fitted.