Crooked Treehouse Superior Play

Our Hand Made Whimsical Crooked Treehouses Superior Play is much more than just an average Tree house, the magical, cartoon style really captures the imagination of children. You don't need a huge garden with a forest behind as we bring the tree to you! It comes with Spiral Slide, Climbing Wall, Monkey Bars, Birds Nest and a fabulous veranda with
staircase enclosed with Whiskey Staves to make a fantastic play centre.
Our treehouses offer more options, slides, firemans poles, zip lines, swings, rope bridges, rope ladders etc. These can be included or added later so there is always more to offer the kids.
Crooked Treehouses are a real statement, an adventure for the kids and peace for the adults, sold to homes as well as commercially. Completely unique and made only by us in the UK, maybe because these treehouses are very special an unfortunately back-breaking to make!

Made with a real tree stump!

The treehouses are made with a real tree! We walk the forests with foresters and find a suitable tree that needs felling. We bring the 3 to 4 tonne stump back to the works and bore the core out making a tube, cut a doorway through the side of the trunk, fit a door and a ladder inside so the children can open the door, walk into the trunk, climb the ladder to enter the crooked clubhouse above via a trap door. 
Large trees are becoming difficult to get at a moments notice so we try to stock some when they are available, it is always worth booking your tree early to ensure a prompt delivery. Alternatively we offer a manufactured tree stump as well.


*Comes with a real tree
*Access trough the tree into the clubhouse above
*Good size playhouse
*Big balcony for extended fun
*Barrel Staves
*Super strong 6mm Polycarbonate glazing
*Ladder with Monkey bars at rear
*Birds Nest Swing
*Climbing Wall
*Spiral Tube Slide
*Cedar shingle type tiles on roof
*Any size any style option available (poa)
We prefer to erect the treehouses mainly prebuilt as seen below as this reduces the assembly time however we are able to split the products down when access is limited.



Structure: 18 ft (548cm) wide x 20ft (610cm) deep (exclude zip)

House floor size: 5ft (153cm) wide x 5ft (153cm) deep

House size maximum 8 ft 2 inch (210cm) wide x 8 ft 2 inch (210cm)

Platform Size: 9 ft (200cm) wide x 4 ft (60cm) deep

Maximum height: 13.12 ft (400cm)

Tree standard 3ft ( cm) diameter x 6ft (184cm) tall (see price matrix for bigger trees)

 Bespoke Playhouse

We can manufacture any size, please contact us for details.


Painted using cuprinol shades products. (included)


We believe in quality and you pay for what you get,  all of our garden playhouses and play structures are built to last using good quality materials which represent excellent value for money. Because we are designing, building and installing our play houses, tree houses and multiplay structure we are able to maintain quality and safety at all stages.

Your playhouse will be installed by the same joiners that as been involved in manufacturing and constructing it in our workshops.

Base - 4" x 2" C24/C16 on either 'V' tongue and groove or ply floor.

Platform - 4" x 2"  C24/C16  on 20mm Presure Treated Decking.

Panels - 3" x 1.5"  CLS  framework onto 'V' tongue and groove facing.

Internal Lining - Either Tongue and Groove or ply. (optional extra)

Windows - 6mm (1/4") Polycarbonate Safety Glazing (Laminated Glass option)

Roof Structure -  4" x 2" & 3" x 1.5" CLS structure with either Tongue and Groove or ply.

Trees are often of Oak, Elm, Beech, we constantly aquire fallen or falling trees from local forests. We will identify the available trees at point of sale.

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