Crooked Red Play House

Our Hand Made Crooked Red Playhouse is much more than just an average Play house, the magical, cartoon style really captures
 the imagination of children. with abstract windows and side draw bridge for the kids to jump out from really makes this house one of the most fun houses of all. The Surreal design makes for a good room inside with ample space for the kids to play. 
This is made to an alternative design technique which gives the fantastic looks and makes it one of the most affordable houses in our range.

* Crooked windows
* Crooked drawbridge
* Super safe polycarbonate glazing
* Felt roof tiles
* Veranda to front




Shaddow: 7 ft 4inch (220cm) wide x 7 ft 4 inch (220cm) deep

House: 5ft  (153cm) wide x 5ft  (153cm) deep

Base Size: 5ft  (150cm) wide x 7 ft  (210cm) deep

Maximum height: 8ft 8inch (220cm)

Bespoke Playhouses

We can manufacture any size, please contact us for details.


Paint used - cuprinol shades products.(optional extra)


We believe in quality and you pay for what you get,  all of our garden playhouses and play structures are built to last using good quality materials which represent excellent value for money. Because we are designing, building and installing our play houses, tree houses and multiplay structure we are able to maintain quality and safety at all stages.

Your playhouse will be installed by the same joiners that as been involved in manufacturing and constructing it in our workshops.

Base - 3" x 1 1/2" CLS on  ply floor.

Veranda - 3" x 1 1/2" CLS on 20mm Presure Treated Decking.

Panels - 3" x 1.5" CLS framework onto ply.

Windows -  Polycarbonate Safety Glazing

Roof Structure -  4" x 2" &  3" x 1.5" CLS structure with ply.

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