Crooked Clubhouse

The Original Crooked PlayHouse with essence of a Walt Disney theme with odd angles and bent roof seen in cartoon sketches. A sturdy clubhouse, this is the ultimate is quality and fun. We add in a hand crafted entry door and porch to create the ultimate play experience for children and adults alike.
Our Hand Made Original Crooked Playhouse is much more than just an average Play house, the magical, cartoon style really captures the imagination of children. You don't need a huge garden for this house. The Surreal design makes for a very airy room inside with a high roof line (adult can stand easily) and the walls which angle outwards which develops a large volume.
Crooked Wendy houses are a real statement, an adventure for the kids and peace for the adults, sold to homes as well as commercially. Completely unique and made only by us in the UK, maybe because these club houses are very special                 and so complex to manufacture.
Designed to grow with the kids.

For very young children a single level house is a safe place, when the kids grow this house can grow, put it on a tree or a raised platform, add slides, swings, in fact pretty well any activity. Our houses are built to last, not a cheap fall-apart house seen commonly on the e-comms market and therefore our houses are very suited to grow with the childrens development by adding extra features year on year.


*Comes is loads of colours from the Cuprinol shades range
* Option of wood types, 8" Planking, Distressed timber, Ply facing.
*Option of Soft or Hard wood
*Option of themed artwork
*Option of roof materials
*Option of Insulation
*Option of internal lining
*Option of sizes
*Option of Lighting

Details of above example...

External 2.2m x 2.2m x 2.3 mtr high                                                                                                     
Roof Tiles cedar shingles                                                                                                                         Related Products
Microporous Membrane lined                                                                                                                                                                               
Internal 1.3 mtr x 1.6 mtr
Ply internal lining (option)
Quinn 50mm Insulation (Option)
Hardface Ply external (painted)
Redwood Architrave and boarders (painted)
4x2 C24/C16 Joists
3x2 CLS frame, glued and screwed
6mm Polycarbonate safety glazing

* Good size playhouse
* Super strong 6mm Polycarbonate glazing
* Cedar shingle type tiles on roof
 *Internally Lined
* Window Boxes
*Any size any style option available (poa)

We believe in quality and you pay for what you get,  all of our garden playhouses and play structures are built to last using good quality materials which represent excellent value for money. Because we are designing, building and installing our play houses, tree houses and multiplay structure we are able to maintain quality and safety at all stages.