Chez Moi Kids Playhouse


We believe that good taste should begin early. Following the basic principles of good design, we apply the essence of grace and charm in a scaled-down version to your completely unique, custom made playhouse. Enchanted Creations hand-crafts each house and includes details such as hardwood floors, bay windows, and wooden shutters. We will create any look that you can imagine, from a fairytale treehouse to a miniature replica of your own home! Designs range from cozy cottages to rugged forts and tree houses. With the ability to build your playhouse on site, anywhere in the
country, these meticulously designed works of art enhance any home's exterior.

Made in the UK by Enchanted Creations to exceptional standards...

With all the charm of small-scale appeal and the accommodations of a full-scale home, these luxury playhouses can have a kitchen, sunroom, bedroom and media room just to start! Architectural spaces such as a sitting room and upstairs "loft" bedroom create the feel of a real
house. Per your request, we also design custom children's furnishings, appropriate for both your playhouse or child's room. We can create almost any accessory desired - from a basic table and chair set to an undersized wooden stove and refrigerator. We offer custom designed kitchen "appliances", all hand crafted with opt
ional details such as wrought iron burners and specialty knobs and pulls.Please note that the price listed is an estimate only, all sizes and details will be adjusted to your requirements. For specific pricing and
ordering details, please contact our customer care team of design consultants at Enchanted Creations

An Enchanted History
 - Enchanted Creations wanted to cover three areas of the Childrens playhouse business, Wacky Crooked Playhouses, Traditional Mid-Range Houses and High End all inclusive Wendy houses. Enchanted Creations have designed and manufacture all it's houses, each one unique, never replicated giving a unique bespoke product to every client. None of our houses are available anywhere else in the UK as we offer Playhouse designs which are not available by others.
In the design stage we develop an understanding of our clients thoughts, beyond general scope so we can deliver something that exceeds expectation.
A technical drawing as below is just an outline that explains general shape and size and we appreciate that many clients will not visualise the finished item from this.

Made to.measure
All our houses are bespoke and sizes are adjustable as is the design. the Chez Moi as shown was made as the line drawing to the left.