Buckingham Wooden Playhouse

The Buckingham Playhouse was designed to maximise role play as well as enhance the character of your garden. The second floor being either above the veranda or made the complete length of the playhouse to give that extra area for your little one.

The Buckingham is one of our most popular traditional models, we have created a mass of variations, some with slate roofs, some with cedar shingles and most with heavy grade felt. Likewise the materials used are more commonly made of high quality kiln dried soft wood soaked in clear wood preservatives giving that crisp look.

The ship lap body is constructed on 3x2  framework with strong 4"x4" posts and 4x2 C24/C16 joists to give considerable strength and if regularly treated on an annual basis should last for generations. All the structural components are tenonned together to ensure rigidity as well as offer superior strength. 

We have manufactured some with complete sandwiched insulation throughout onto ply and tongue and groove, included lighting and oil heaters for all year joy.

An option of a slide coming from the rear upstairs or through a dormer in the roof is possible as is a
climbing  wall into the rear or side roof dormer. A kitchen and/or furniture can be supplied to give your child added entertainment.

There are similar products on the market which are designed with the roof eaves starting at the base of the second floor, unfortunately this means the most of the second floor is redundant as there is little headroom in this area. We designed the Buckingham with the roof eaves elevated above the second floor base which offers much more headroom and subsequently makes the second floor usable.

We can offer the second floor which covers the complete footprint if you require, this give nearly twice the area for the kids to play, a private area. 

The Buckingham in the picture is 2.4mtr wide, 3.2mtr deep and 3.2mtr tall although we have had Buckinghams 3.7 mtr tall and 2.65mtr wide to give added second floor height.

We manufacture every product differently and therefore the sizes do not have to represent your playhouse.

Contact us for details, our houses are fantastic quality at fantastic prices...

The beginning of the framework       Framework is strongly joined           The inside can be insulated

       Ladder and top banister                      Ready for tiling in slate


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