Price List

Enchanted Creations is a Design House as well as a bespoke manufacture. That means we can design
to pretty well any budget. The prices below may give an indication of cost but we do not limit ourselves
to one practice or methodology and we have a vast knowledge of materials an possibilities. For that
reason we can usually design something pretty fantastic at any price. Of course more the numbers
more you'll ultimately get.

Grand Playhouse
We design to clients budgets the below prices are the original prices to be used as a guide only 
houses start at about £9000 and have no limit to the design and spend.
Delivery and installation are in addition to the numbers.

As a very rough guide: 

Perfect Playhouses from £4,000 to £12,000

Treehouses from £10,000

Crooked Playhouses from £4,000 to £20,000

Indulgent Houses start from £20,000

Mega Treehouses start from £60,000

Commercial Villages start from £70,000

Crooked Gables Treehouse

 Tudor Playhouse

 Hansel & Gretel Beehive Playhouse

Bells Flower Shop

 Crooked Red House

 The Wilmslow Tree House

The Oak Shack Treehouse

Michaeas Treehouse

The Epsom Forest Treehouse


State Residence Playhouse

The Fort Playhouse

The King Treehouse

Georgian Doric Playhouse

The Three Pigs Playhouse

Hide Away Treehouse (with slide and swing)

Gingerbread Playhouse

The Forest Tree House
The Crooked Oak

The Forest Playhouse 
The Buckingham Playhouse

The Whiskey Playhouse

The Little Crooked Cottage

The Caste Cottage Playhouse

The New York Playhouse
The Wooden Tractor

Theming is all part the service, ask for details.
Enchanted creations are not limited to one style or another, with a huge affinity to style and architecture brings traditional or distressed fashions to modern and vibrant styles. If you want more than a rustic inside, please ask for details. From Nano Crystal UHD TV to Boss music and Apple TV, lighting and heating right down even to a flushing WC! Everything possible.

Clean Tudor Finish

Contemporary Art Nouveau 

Pure Indulgence

Farmhouse Playhouse

The Mews Playhouse

Hobbit House

 Crusoe Tree House

The Victorian Playhouse

The Superior Play Treehouse

Toddler Treehouse

Chester Spire Treehouse

 The Tower Cottage Playhouse

The Chez Moi Playhouse

Snow White (un-thatched) Playhouse

Tom Sawyer Treehouse

Woodland Tower Playhouse

Robinson House

Forest Tower Treehouse

New Forest Playhouse

Cheshire Spire Playhouse

Crooked Clubhouse

The Crooked Platform Playhouse

Henley Oak Treehouse

The Sedgewick Playhouse

The Stoke Castle

The Garden Cottage Playhouse

The Chestnut Treehouse

Stainless Steel Slides 

Hobbit Finish

Modern Finish

Faux Brick Detailing

Thatched Snow White house

The Street playhouse

Eco Hobbit House (pre-grassed)

The Forest Crooked Playhouse

The Crooked Jabaree Playhouse

The Treehouse Multiplay

The Treehouse Original

The Ultimo Crooked Treehouse

Town House Playhouse

The Fin Playhouse

Commercial Treehouse

Cambodian House

The Limes House

Goldie Locks Play House

Crooked Playset

The Chestnut House

The Wicked Whimsical Playhouse

The Beaconsfield Playhouse

The Garden Playhouse

The Tower Playhouse 

The Edwards Playhouse

Crooked Play Village

Georgian Playhouse

 The Galway Treehouse

Trees are take 300 years to grow, when they come down we give them a new life again. 

Distressed Period Finish

Mad Hatter 

Cast Iron Mantels