Delivery & Installation

Enchanted Creations delivers and erects all its playhouses. At the fore of every job we conclude the access status and design and construct the playhouses accordingly. If there is loads of access then we may well crane a finished house over a wall, within 15 minutes the playhouse is sited and we are gone. From years of experience, this is the preferred option. If the client is many miles away we will transport the houses by trailer or lorry to site where it is lifted to it's new home.

Quite often access is an issue and we will need to build pre constructed panels and fit out the playhouse. This can take a day to a few days depending on location and the product. It is always very difficult to estimate exact time plans for a build, sometimes it can take longer than expected. No matter the time scale we will complete the build beyond your satisfaction.

In many cases we do require a power supply, if you are  unavailable  during the build and/ or supplies are not available please let us know before the delivery date and confirm the method of access.

At the beginning of every contract we will identify the assumed delivery date, we will firm up the date towards the end of
the manufacture. We are making bespoke products where aesthetic and technical detail is changing throughout manufacture. These changes can have a direct influence on delivery times which is why we firm delivery date later on in the project. The cost of delivery and installation depends on your location and how accessible the site is, with each enquiry we either ask for a few images or will conduct a site survey where we can calculate the fee.  

If you are planning a playhouse then it is worthwhile discussing your requirements early giving maximum lead time, production space can be pencil in prior to order acknowledgement.
The cost
The price of delivery and installation is in addition to the purchase price. Please ask for the prices but as a rule of thumb, are around 10% of the normal price for an average playhouse and 15% for a treehouse.