Climbing Structures

Playground structure made for parks and childrens school play areas are carefully designed to work with the environment.

Play area Design & Construction

The process of commissioning your own play area is always an exciting journey. Enchanted have developed a happy and highly skilled team, including designers, project managers, a factory of our dedicated craftspeople & engineers with a supply chain who work with us to ensure our structures design are at the forefront of sustainable & exciting design.

Following a comprehensive site survey, you will receive a design proposal, including scaled floor plans, elevations and number of computer visuals, giving a photorealistic image of the play areas design before it is even built.


Everything Considered

We will handle all aspects of the design creating an entirely bespoke scheme tailored to your specific brief and requirements. Our interior design team will propose ideas for the interior furniture and fittings ensuring that the inside of the treehouse is as magical as the outside.

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