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Enchanted is a UK one-stop manufacturer that designs and makes every element to meet your site specific needs. We keep the numbers transparent and easy, our plans can include all the design and project fees (for example, planning applications, EPCs, building regulations and so on) right through to the building installation handover.

Enchanted offer two classroom categories, either a modular generic style, a Cedar clad and glass building which offers a modern crisp style and excellent function delivered whole or in modules or a ‘Themed Classroom’ style, that could be a Hobbit style, something from the Potter or Dahl series, Hagrids Lodge as per the example offering a significant benefit to childrens development.

Based on the results of the ‘HEAD’ Project (Holistic Evidence and Design at Salford University) the physical characteristics of classrooms explain 16%

improvement learning progress over a year (see full report here) which is why Enchanted offer such an extensive range design possibilities where there are no limits.

We appreciate that not all classrooms are the same. Different subject areas may require different considerations, and we work with our clients to understand their ideal external design as well as room theme & layout. With that information, an understanding of the school, the environment and the budgets we go away and design something that ticks all the boxes, especially offering the style and impact to draw the attention of all age groups.


Commercial Design Services

Enchanted develop a dedicated & tailored design service for each of our clients, built around a straightforward framework for delivery which follows the Royal
Institute of British Architects (RIBA) stages of work.

Blue Print - In this critical stage, we assist our clients in defining and establishing the project team and identifying and engaging with

stakeholders. We then help them to articulate their design & budget parameters and identify the critical success

factors of achieving a balanced sustainable design and subsequent development.

Design – At the design stage we work with our clients to generate the plan, the critical path and produce concept designs which are suitable to take to planning.

Development – We offer our clients the opportunity to fine-tune their projects into truly sustainable developments.

Delivery– Finally, during delivery we provide all that is required to drive the scheme through building control and provide the relevant expertise to take the project through the construction phase to end.

Enchanted is about design, skill, love and passion, the company it’s a happy place with worldly people that can express themselves in their work,

key organisational ingredients.

Enchanted Manufacture the classrooms using materials relevant to the project, this can be a range of green and seasoned hardwoods to polished stainless steel, the detail offered supplied with the tender documents.

The Enchanted Modular classroom would be built to similar specifications to the bespoke themed range and are constructed as follows.


In General – what you get…

Poly Powder coated aluminium frames with double glazing with toughened glass and low e-glass to reduce the solar gain with Trickle ventilators optimise the air-flow and we fit secure locking systems.

French, Sliding and Bi-folding doors in the same Poly Powder coated colours.

We give the option to build on the level ground to remove the need for steps or ramps, and have smooth and flush internal finishes or to have a small step. *

Designed to minimise to the on-going building maintenance costs.

External face options most often a cedar strip on a black panel for exceedingly good life span.

Timber construction


Enchanted panel construction, made in the Buckinghamshire factory for  quick on-site construction.

Structured Integrated Enchanted Panels system uses a structural engineered timber designed stud system. These pre-fabricated panels are constructed by an expert team in the factory to reduce build times and costs.

Our skilled workers assemble large parts of the structure in the acre factory before it reaches your school. Manufactured to the highest specification using the latest technology in precision methods, we enhance air tightness and waste efficient technology.

Enchanted panels reduce long term energy costs because of the insulated design achieving superb insulation levels and 'U' values.


Energy Performance

Enchanted classroom's thermal performance and elemental 'U' values are generally  50% of the standard that legislation currently requires:

All Enchanted Designs are proposed to be nominally at 50% of Building regulation targets, some complex themed classrooms may be 80% of Regulation value.

Suspended ground floor Building Regulations require 0.25 WM2K; External walls Building Regulations require 0.35 WM2K; Flat roof with insulation Building Regulations require 0.25 WM2K; Aluminium doors / windows: 1.92 W/M2K

Timber being acquired from responsible sources.


What we include

Enchanted give you the full price from the start and don’t add a load of costs at the end, it includes the lot so you know your budget is safe. All of the following our included in our simple all-inclusive pricing structures:

Preliminary works and planning permission costs.

All the associated fees including: design fees, EPC fees, CDM Compliance and further Statutory Fees.

Mechanical and Electrical Works and External Works All interior fixed fittings and fixtures (soft and hard furniture and IT equipment can be priced if required.

Additional structures such as canopies and veranda and play-areas.

We fit high quality fittings and specifications as standard.



Temporary buildings or a traditional classroom - one that significantly reduces the energy usage over the building's lifespan. We meet the Department of Education's recommendations for spend on new buildings. Costs start from around £1250 per m2 for larger projects.

Enchanted have installed classrooms as little as £800 per m2 because of specification adjustments which makes the Enchanted option one of the most economic options by design.

If we know your budget and your requirements we normally can design to the numbers, drop us an email, 


It can be a quick process

The process can take as little as a week to install, quite often two weeks and the whole summer break for big builds to cause minimal disruption to your school most of the work is done at the Buckinghamshire factory and either craned in as one base unit or in section panels which jig-saw together leaving the painters and the tweekers to finish off.

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